Debbie Howels Counselling

Sevenoaks based counselling service

Adv. Dip. Humanistic Counselling MBACP (Accred.) UKRCP. BUPA Registered


Common issues addressed

How many sessions will I need?

Its difficult to say at the start.  It can vary from 3 or 4 sessions to months or longer. 

How will I know when I no longer need counselling.

This will be down to how you feel about your progress, and whether you have achieved your aim.  I will let you know if I think the work is done.

What happens if I want to stop the counselling at any time

Thats fine.  Its always a good idea to talk about why, but its your choice.

What happens if you feel you can't help me.

I will try to refer you onto someone that can.

What happens if I decide not to continue after the first session.

Thats fine too.  There's no obligation to continue.

I am very nervous about coming for counselling, and unsure about what I should tell you.

Being nervous is very normal.  It is your decision what to tell me.  There will be no pressure from me.


Counselling can help with almost any emotional  problem.  I have listed some of the most common problems here, but there are many more.  


Anxiety, obsessional behaviour, depression, relationship problems, post traumatic stress, phobias, eating disorders, sleeping problems, stress, self-harming, low self confidence/self esteem, post natal depression, work issues, abortion/miscarriage support, bereavement, physical/emotional abuse, burnout, anger problems, family issues.  General unhappiness.

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I went to see Debbie as I was suffering with high anxiety and low self worth. I felt at ease with Debbie straight away and the counselling session setting was relaxing and a safe place to be able to talk openly. Debbie is very professional, compassionate and extremely intuitive, often cutting to the heart of the issue. I think I went to Debbie expecting her to provide me with answers to my problems but instead it transpired that she was a trusted guide along my path. It's like you're are travelling aimlessly along a road and someone gives you a quality map, you still choose your own path but you are clearer about where you are going.    Gary.